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Hire Class - Wolverwood Farm, Wolverwood Lane, Plympton, Plymouth, PL7 1UD.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Hiring a marquee is expensive and for most people and un-familiar experience. Here are the questions we get asked frequently, the facts everybody wants to know about marquee hire.

We have tried to give straight forward and honest answers, outlining the cons as well as the pros, to help you decide wether a marquee is the right option for your event.

Is my garden big enough?

First answer these questions:

- How many guests will there be?

- How many people do you want to seat at tables?

- What additional space would you like – dance floor, stage, chill out area, bar area etc…?

Then measure your lawn, for solely seated events we work on a 9m x 3m area for 30 guests, however this does not give you any spare space.

Does it matter if my garden has a slope?

A slight slope is nothing to worry about. A more pronounced slope is not a problem for the marquee structure but may be uncomfortable for guests, especially at a seated event

The best solution under these circumstances is to use blocks with adjustable legs. These can be expensive, but they will level out a moderate slope very effectively.

Are marquees waterproof?

Yes, marquees are waterproof. But…..

In heavy rain, water pouring off the roof of a tent may not soak into the ground fast enough if soil drains poorly. Water may then seep underneath the marquee walls and into the marquee.

Can we open the walls or roll them up?

Marquee walls are hung from a rail and can be opened and closed exactly like curtains.

Do we need a heater?

In May through to September a heater isn’t normally required. For the rest of the year, a heater on standby is the safe option.

Do up-lighters provide enough light?

Yes if you are seeking an atmospheric effect. No if you want a very bright party.

Do we need a generator?

Marquee lighting, heating and music don’t require much power and therefore don’t normally call for a generator. But you may need one if the wiring in your house or site is old and un-reliable.

If caterers are cooking in a catering tent using electricity instead of gas, then a generator will probably be necessary.

Do high heels get stuck in the coconut matting?

We thought we would save the most important question till last. The answer is … They can do. It shouldn’t be a problem if the ground underneath is reasonably dry and the matting has been properly fitted.